NAU-SRP Cooperative Agreement

In 2017 Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the Salt River Project (SRP) established an annual cooperative research agreement for the mutual advancement of applied research topics of public benefit to the State of Arizona and to the operations of SRP. This program engages NAU faculty experts and trains students in this research.

Topics vary by year, but generally include water and energy sustainability, watershed and forest restoration, economics, water quality and quantity, power systems, and renewable water and energy technologies.

Contact the NAU Office of the Vice President for Research or the lead investigators (Drs. Ciocanel and Ruddell) for more information.

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2020 NAU-SRP Cooperative Agreement Press Release
Salt River Project
NAU Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)


Dr. Cornel Ciocanel, PI

Dr. Ben Ruddell, Co-PI

Sponsors and Funding

NAU-SRP Cooperative Agreement 2017-Present


Contact the Complex Systems Informatics Laboratory at the NAU School of Informatics, Computing & Cyber Systems if your passion lies in making a difference in the field of Informatics.