Information Theory in the Geosciences

Information Theory provides the foundations of knowledge, communication, and inference, and is applied in geophysical contexts to infer process, feedback, and scale, to make use of Observatory Big Data, or to assess the performance of dynamical systems models.

Information Theory and Applications Project world map

This ongoing project applies these ideas in hydrological, ecological, and climatological contexts. We support the continued development of the GeoInfoTheory community of science.

Funding has been provided by NASA and NSF. The ProcessNetwork software is a community-developed MATLAB code that allows the calculation of information flows and the inference of processes using time-series data. The HydroBench software incorporates many ProcessNetwork features using Python scripts and functions.

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ProcessNetwork Software

HydroBench Software


Sponsors and Funding


National Science Foundation, 1241960, 1928406, 1928374

U.S. Geological Survey Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Data-Driven Discovery Investigator grant

Jupyter Meets the Earth project


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